Thursday, February 28, 2013

Worship With Some Music

If you are a Christian musician, I want you to try something.  I want you to sit down with your instrument and worship with it.  Forget about art.  Forget about vocation.  Remember that you have been blessed with a talent.  So "play skillfully on your instrument and sing with joy", for the Lord delights in you and your praise.  If at all possible, get some other people to join you.  There should be no lights, PA systems, or teleprompters.  Only instruments and voices in unison.

We were created to worship.  Don't let it be misguided.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Competition of Music

When did music become so competitive?  How can art be competitive? 

Two days have passed since the Grammy awards and I can't stop asking these questions.  I live in Nashville.  Music City.  Most of the country's most popular music is recorded here.  Underneath the artistic surface, though, is an extreme sense of competition.  Everyone is always looking for the next best gig.  Everyone goes to shows and stands in the back with their arms crossed saying "I can do that better."  I'm guilty of it.  I used to play music for free in church bands and local rock clubs because I loved it.  It was so fun.  But since I've entered into a professional music realm, I've noticed the competitive nature in me slowly creep up and begin to snuff out some of that raw energy and passion that consumed me early on in my musical life.  Does it come with age?  Does it come with money?    

I haven't been able to stop asking myself...why do we make music so competitive?