I play guitars.  It has become my trade and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.  Nothing excites me more than an expressive musical passage voiced with a smooth, heartfelt tone.  In summary: Faces ought to be melted.  Chances are, you're already aware of the fact that I know how to play notes.  The point of this page, then, is simply to keep the general viewing population of this page up to date on what's happening in my guitar world.  All 7 of you deserve to know.

As a mid-twenties guitar player that has relocated to Nashville, I am not unique.  There are probably no less than 10,000 others who are just as qualified as I am.  I have no doubt that Nashville is among the most talented cities in the country and, perhaps, the world.  That is why I consider myself blessed beyond belief whenever I have the opportunity to take a stage, big or small, with a working country artist.

I am currently working for an artist by the name of Eric Lee Beddingfield.  Wanna see a group picture?

These guys are awesome.  Although playing music is my favorite thing to do, it could really be drag if I were playing music with people I didn't like.  Luckily...that is not the case.  Not only do I get to do what I love for a living, I get to do it with people that I thoroughly enjoy being around.

Keep an eye out for Eric Lee Beddingfield.  Where he goes, I go, and I hope to make it to wherever you may be reading from real soon.

Have a blessed day.

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