Demo Production

I make music.  There is nothing on this planet that is more satisfying to me than the process of creating a piece of music.  Okay, Miller Lite is pretty satisfying.  It is also less filling.  But seriously.  I enjoy a tasty brew...

My work, quite simply, is to meet musical needs.  My main focus, though, is on artists who love to create but find the production process daunting and do not have the means to record and refine their ideas at a "professional" level.  There is much that is gained or lost in the recording process and my goal is to ensure an artist's vision is not compromised.  In a fast paced music business that is focused on sonic perfection, much of a song's artistic integrity is often lost or sacrificed.  I aim to make sure that doesn't happen.

I currently offer a demo production service for singers, songwriters, singer/songwriters, and songwriter/singers; I do not, however, discriminate, and am willing to work with anyone.  Prices vary greatly and are completely dependent upon an artist's vision and budget.  Projects can vary from a simple acoustic demo to a full tracking session in a multi-room recording studio.  The choice is yours... 

All of the above tracks were created on a modest budget by various artists.  Please contact me at for more information on your project and its pricing.

Thank you.  I hope your day is great.

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